VORTEX - Other functions


"Other functions available in VORTEX"

VORTEX - Other functions

VORTEX provides your airline with additional functions to complete your Safety Management System.

Crew members personal performance, statistics, documentation access, link between captain's discretion use and reports.

Specifications :

  • Personal performance : enabling crew members to self-evaluate their global performance on punctual events and on a statistic point of vue;
  • Personal performance; enabling crew members to position themselves on a global preformance scale;
  • Personal performance: create data for Training Manager to use in training programs and EBT implementation;
  • Statistics: display general statistics on SMS such as occurrences management, reporting, FDA analysis rate vs legs flown;
  • Publications: create a library for people to access Safety Bulletins, documentation, regulations, links.
  • Captain's discretion management: establishing link between FDP extension or rest period reduction and existence of a captain's report, display of duration values.
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